Arlington Fc Texas was formed in 2018 with the goal of providing a competitive league platform for players seeking to play at higher levels.  Arlington FC  Texas is developed to challenge players mentally, physically, and spiritually on the soccer field and throughout life changes. The combination of professional soccer instruction and character development is incorporated to fit the changes of today's youth. Team members are always given an uplifting word of encouragement to live life with integrity during the time of participation in the team.


Arlington FC goal is to equip and prepare today’s youth with the leadership, knowledge, understanding, commitment, and etiquette for a professional soccer career.

Arlington FC Texas is not only dedicated to the roll of the game but also to producing a high quality, professional, stimulating, enriching soccer environment and training program.

The Arlington FC Texas represents the community’s commitment to achieving the highest semi-professional level of soccer. Through the environment of this competition, the league will strive to: Raise the standards of soccer, bringing a professional level of discipline and competition to our players and clubs. Improve communities, one by one, thereby allowing more people to enjoy the bright future of soccer in our nation. Provide affordable entertainment, while achieving an atmosphere of unity and strength. Provide young athletes with an environment in which they can consistently train with intensity, to advance both mentally and physically in their athletic careers.

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